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ManCan 64 Picnic Kit

$ 149.00 $ 165.00

ManCan 64 Picnic Kit
ManCan 64 Picnic Kit ManCan 128 Flex - hose ManCan 64 Picnic Kit 3 cleaning tablets and 2 CO2s ManCan 64 Picnic Kit ManCan 128 Flex - cornelius fittings ManCan 128 Flex - pour

$ 149.00 $ 165.00

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The ManCan 64 Picnic Kit has a pour-anywhere tap with a flexible hose to make serving super simple—even right from the fridge! This 64 oz (1/2 gallon), stainless steel vessel with Perfect Pour, 2-stage Regulator System keeps your precious brews carbonated to their beautiful, bittersweet end. Take your ManCan 64 anywhere! It’s indestructible and the perfect traveling companion. The ManCan 64 Flex: for you, and for all mankind!

This incredible ManCan is fully equipped with:

  • 64 oz stainless steel ManCan
  • Flex Hose Tap and Perfect Pour Regulator System
  • Stainless steel, no-leak cap
  • (2) CO2 cartridges 
  • (1) packet of (3) cleaning tablets
  • Heck of a lot of happiness

If you are a customer outside of the lower 48 states in the USA, click here for information about shipping CO2 cartridges.

NOT TO FORGET: No ManCan is complete without a SURVIVAL KIT.

Complete your system with this awesome, makes-it-ever-so-easy kit of (10) additional CO2s and (25) additional Cleaning Tablets. Get it HERE!

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