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ManCan 128 Machismo Tap System

$ 165.00

Machismo tap system
Machismo tap system Machismo tap system on ManCan 128

$ 165.00

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The ManCan 128 Machismo Tap is our most stylish tap. It fits on the ManCan 128. The System includes the tap handle, and a Perlick faucet all fixed on our stainless steel multiport cap. The tap handle is removable and fits all US faucet lever threads so you can personalize your system with your favorite tap handle.

****Please note - you need a perfect pour regulator to make this pour.  If you do not have a regulator purchase the ManCan 128 Machismo Kit and you will save money and be a lot happier.***

The ManCan Machismo Tap System comes with:

  • Machismo tap handle and spout
  • Assembled multiport cap (fits ManCan 128 and 64)


Please note: This system does include a ManCan or the Perfect Pour Regulator. For a complete ManCan setup, see our ManCan 128 Machismo Kit.

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