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The ManCan 128 Homebrew Kit includes 5 ManCan 128's, which holds a gallon of beer each, and a ManCan Picnic Tap with 2-stage regulator. This 5-gallon kit is perfect for homebrewers!

  • It is a 5-gallon system with a single tap
  • The only one of its kind, truly designed for bottle conditioning
  • 5-Stainless steel, no-leak cap
  • Patented Seal Technology
  • Create a variety of beers by adding different hops, fruits or flavorings (such as coffee, chocolate) to each individual one gallon can
  • The concave bottom is a reservoir that allows residual yeast to collect eliminating stir up when the beer is being poured
  • It's a packaging you can be proud of when serving your beer!

This package provides you with the ultimate flexibility!

Bottle Condition or's your choice!

If you are a customer outside of the lower 48 states in the USA, click here for information about shipping CO2 cartridges.

NOT TO FORGET: No ManCan is complete without a SURVIVAL KIT.

Complete your system with this awesome, makes-it-ever-so-easy kit of (10) additional CO2s and (25) additional Cleaning Tablets. Get it HERE!

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