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1-ManCan 128 Picnic Keg

$ 55.00 $ 70.00

ManCan 128 with cap

$ 55.00 $ 70.00

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Replace two of your glass growlers with one ManCan 128 Picnic Keg! It is an indestructible one gallon, stainless steel, keg-style craft beer growler, brewer designed and engineered to keep beer fresh until it’s gone. The 128 oz. can is made from 304 stainless steel, the same steel used in kegs, which preserves the flavors, aromas, and unique characteristics of your beer. The no-leak cap keeps in CO2 and seals out air, keeping beer fresher longer. Get the ManCan Completion Kit and serve beer right from the tap, the way the brewer intended!

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