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Troubleshooting Tips

We sure hope your ManCan is working flawlessly. If you are having any problems, see if our FAQs or the following Troubleshooting Tips help. If all else fails, please reach out to us at


Nothing comes out? What the ?!!(*@

  1. Ensure that the tap system is securely attached to the MultiPort Cap. Remove and replace the Ball Lock Connector. Hear the click, see the flange go back down. Money.
  2. You’ve already enjoyed your ManCan immensely! So, either:
    a. It’s empty. Go refill it with more tasty beer! ...or...
    b. The CO2 may be empty. Replace the CO2 cartridge.


      My ManCan is leaking, what to do?

      Tighten the nuts around the posts on the MultiPort Cap. Learn more from our Troubleshooting: Leaks video, as well.

      Watch our Visual Guide to Troubleshooting: Leaks


      My beer is frothy… too frothy. How to decrease my frothiness?

      Turn off the Perfect Pour Regulator and release air from the can using the Pressure Release Valve.


      My Ball Lock Connector is not fitting on correctly?

      First, both should go on very easily, but they are not interchangeable. The black liquid Ball Lock Connector is supposed to connect just as simply as the gas Ball Lock connector. Check out our Assembly Videos below for a visual guide. 

      If they are still not going on easily, verify that you have both a liquid and gas post cap on your tap system. On rare occasion, the multi-port cap system may have been assembled with two identical posts instead of one of each on the Flex system, or instead of the gas post on the Machismo system. We try very hard to avoid this ever happening with Quality Control, but the world is not perfect (yet -- ManCan is working on it).

      The visual difference between the liquid and gas posts is that the gas post has little, diamond notches within the hex pattern and the liquid has no notches:


      Watch our Visual Guide to the ManCan 128 Machismo Assembly:
       Watch our Visual Guide to the ManCan 128 Flex Assembly:


      I am having trouble removing the CO2 holster.

      Sometimes you will accidentally over-tighten the holster. Instead of using the Regulator Safety Connector with the red/green on/off switch as leverage, we suggest using pliers very gently on the main housing above the holster and untighten the holster by hand. Here's a quick how-to video:


      Having problems with the Perfect Pour Regulator?

      Occasionally, a Perfect Pour Regulator can be problematic. Be sure you properly assemble the Perfect Pour Regulator as described in our Field Guide and Assembly Video. If you are still having problems, place the assembled regulator under water to see where it might be leaking.

      If you send us an email, it can be very helpful to have a video recorded of your problem and of the Regulator being submerged in water.


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