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Do I really get a FREE ManCan?

Yes, by golly you do! By signing up to be a tribe member at a participating brewery, you get a FREE ManCan at the brewery you sign up at.  Once signed up, simply them your badge and they will then hand you your free 64 oz ManCan!  Each time you come in for a fill, simply show your badge on the Member Portal page to get your discounted fill discount

How much does a fill cost?

    The brewery sets their own beer prices. However, a fill usually ranges from $15-20 and is about 5 beers! When you become a member, you will get your fill at their regular growler price, less the discount they offer you as a valued Tribe member!  Hint: Visit breweries on their discount growler fill nights to get even more beer for less ;)

    I have this awesome ManCan but want the entire Tap System

    Exactly! In order to keep all your beer fresh for weeks or even months, you can purchase the ManCan Completion Kit for $99 with your big discount.  ManCans are awesome growlers, but to have a full mini-keg in your fridge at all times is so much cooler!

      AHHHH! You ARE on to something huge, but my favorite, local brewery isn’t participating! HELP ME JEDI BEER MASTERS!

        You bet… we’ll get on it. Let us know what brewery you have in mind and we will reach out to them. And do yourself (and us) a favor - introduce this program to them in person and tell them to goto the Brewery Portal to sign up as a Tribe Partner. 

        What happens after the first year of my membership, and so on?

          For your convenience, your membership will auto renew after year one.  If you leave the Tribe after your one year membership, you will no longer get 15% off fills and ManCan catalog products and merchandise

          Isn’t that a lot of beer?

            Turns out, it’s an awesomely perfect amount of beer that we think paces you nicely through the month! If anything, we think you will probably want more fills here and there. 

            Look, the 128 oz ManCan is one gallon. That’s equivalent to about 8 pints of beer. As a Tribe Member you will fill your ManCan twice a month, that’s 4 beers a week. If you share your beer with someone…well, maybe you should, but we bet you won’t always want to!  If you opt for the 64 oz ManCan, you will just be filling twice as often.

            How do I set up and clean my ManCan?

            It is very simple to set up and clean your ManCan. Check out all the details here.

            What if I have more questions?

            If these FAQs do not answer your question, please get in touch with us at