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You are ALL our people - our tribe!

But here's a little more about the people at ManCan who are dedicated to this beer revolution.

Kevin Lehman - COO and Inspired Inventor of the ManCan


You know that guy who leads with a smile and wants to know how you're doing before anything else? That outdoorsy dude who loves to fish and hunt but also can't wait to get home and spend time with his wife and boys? Yeah, Kevin's that guy. He's the one who'll figure out how to build something before running out and buying it. An inventor at heart, and engineer by trade, and an avid homebrewer, it was completely natural for Kevin to be the guy who would innovate a revolutionary way to store and pour beer.

From his custom workshop-office, going late into countless evenings, Kevin created a vision for the ManCan. Realizing the flaws of the traditional glass growler and how some bottles and cans can actually wreck a good brew, he didn’t just set out to improve beer vessels, he set out to re-invent them! And he did, with the ManCan.


Chris Mueller - CEO and Global Visionary for All Things ManCan

Chris is most at home on a chairlift. With a powder board strapped to his feet, he'll chat his chair mate all the way up and then bomb it back down. Then he'll make three new friends in line. In the lodge, pour him a pint and the words flow. "How's your family? What's your passion in life? What do you think of that beer?" It doesn't matter if you just met him.

Denver, CO is home to Chris, his wife, and two girls. They get outdoors as much as possible. In the winter, it's the slopes. And the warmer months mean rafting, biking, and camping.

Not one to sit and watch great ideas pass by, Chris goes for it. He wanted to sell beer, make beer, and start a beer related business. And he nailed this beer lover's hat trick in his early days in San Diego. "Selling beer for Stone is what cemented my love affair with the industry. I began home brewing like a crazy man and then partnered with Chris White to found White Labs, the yeast and fermentation giant. When I met Kevin and the ManCan 64, I just knew I wanted to be involved."

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