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The Legacy of ManCan

It was a gorgeous, September day at the 2014 Great American Beer Festival in Colorado. Chris Mueller strode up and down the aisles doing what he does best: meeting people, sharing boundless enthusiasm for all things business and beer, and doing his share of tastings. Suddenly, a light shone down from the heavens (actually from a cool little spotlight above Kevin Lehman and his ManCan). With eyes as big as coasters, Chris asked, "What's THAT?" Tilting his prized invention into the divine light, Kevin said, "Behold, the ManCan 64!" And the partnership that sparked an industry revolution was born.

Now, Chris had been keeping a keen, entrepreneurial eye on the beer industry for some time. And Kevin knew he had something truly special in his stainless-steel keg-style growler. Ideas began to flow like a perfect IPA from a ManCan: a Kickstarter campaign to launch an even bigger ManCan, tap systems and support kits, a brand bigger than the products themselves, and, especially, a Tribe of believers to build the revolution that would change the way beer was delivered and enjoyed.

Chris came to this with a rich background in craft brewing and a polished skill for marketing and business development. Kevin drew from a strong engineering and homebrewer background and embodies a captivating, entrepreneurial spirit, to put the icing on the cake (or the creamy head on the pint, if you will).

And so, as the GABF came to a close, the ManCan Universe opened. A partnership, cemented by a handshake and some pours, was driven by the belief that all beer should be served brewery-fresh whether on the trail, at the game, or from your fridge. Chris and Kevin are literally thrilled to bring you the sleek, sexy ManCan so you can always arrive and pour in style.

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