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Giving Homebrewers an Alternative to Imperfect Packaging

The ManCan is a stainless steel, keg-style vessel that was built as an alternative to imperfect packaging, which destroys perfectly good beer. The original 64 oz ManCan was designed by a civil engineer and homebrewer who wasn’t satisfied with the packaging available.  He wanted something that he could use for bottle conditioning, that is rugged and tough to protect his beer from the elements, and that he could use to transport his homebrew to a friend’s house or on hikes and fishing trips.

The new larger ManCan 128 holds the equivalent of nearly 11 bottles of beer, or 1 gallon. It has a CO2 regulator and tap system, which makes it the ideal vessel for bringing craft beer with you, whether it’s your own brew, or one from a brewery.

The design of the ManCan revolves around one major feature:
It is rated to withstand the pressure of bottle conditioning. A traditional glass growler can’t stand up to that amount of pressure, which is why many homebrewers use kegs as their preferred packaging. So Kevin Lehman, the designer of the ManCan, set out to create a growler that would have the capabilities of a keg but fit in the door of your refrigerator.

Everything about this keg-style growler is designed for bottle conditioning.  The ManCan is designed to maintain its rigidity and integrity under pressure. In addition, there are virtually no interior seams to harbor bacteria. The threaded cap is sealed with an O-ring to lock out air and hold carbonation.  The concave bottom is a reservoir that allows for residual yeast to collect eliminating stir up when the beer is being poured. And the shape of the reservoir makes it so the cans stack neatly in the fridge.  It is obvious that this amazing alternative to the bottle and glass growler was engineered for quality.

The ManCan isn’t just functional, it also looks bad-ass. No one can deny that they are proud of the beer they brew. It should be served with pride to friends and family in a packaging you can also be proud of.  Imagine bringing one gallon of your newest homebrew to a party in a ManCan and showing people how highly you think of your brew.  They will be impressed before they even taste it! And the ManCan will keep your precious beer fresh, carbonated and protected until you inevitably pour that last beer.  You’re proud of your beer. Serve it in style.

How to use the ManCan 
Almost everything can be done in the ManCan. It will keep your finished product fresh and carbonated, but you can also use it in other steps of the brewing process

1. Bottle Conditioning

To have a greater chance of consistency throughout your brews, use the ManCan to condition.  Add your priming sugar with a syringe (or something like it) to make sure that the same amount of sugar is added to each individual ManCan.  And don’t worry about hiding your beer in a closet until it is ready to drink! The ManCan is stainless steel, so there is no chance of it getting light struck during the conditioning process.

2. Force Carbonate in the ManCan 128

Note: It is not possible to force carbonate with our Perfect Pour Regulator. The Perfect Pour is designed to deliver a fixed amount of pressure.  

To force carbonate you will need to attach a CO2 tank system (2 lbs or greater) with adjustable regulator set up for Cornelius fittings. First, attach the gas ball cap with a Cornelius ball connection. Once set up, adjust the pressure to 25 PSI and keep the pressure on for a couple of days while leaving it in the fridge. This ensures the pressure will stay at a continuous 25 PSI for the duration of the force carbonation process. It's an efficient way to get to enjoy your beer a few weeks earlier with the ManCan. Consult your local home brew store if you have questions; they should also have all the parts you need, as well.

3. Create Different Beers With One 5 Gallon Batch

With the ManCan, you can brew a 5 gallon batch with 5 or 10 different finished brews. Use the ManCan to separate your batch and add different hops per ManCan. This will let you explore multiple hop flavors with the same beer.  Variety in beer is the spice of life!

The ManCan was designed with passion: Passion for home brewing and for craft beer. And the passion is what is driving ManCan to change the way people think about their beer.  /

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