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Memorial Day Submissions from the Tribe

Our last email newsletter we called for submissions from the tribe. Here are a few of those submissions. We look forward to hearing from more of the ManCan Tribe. Let’s raise a toast.

This came from  rasmussenbrendan


 This came from Jim Schalley



This came from DAN TRACY MADDEN, Our thoughts are with you Dan and reinforcements are on their way.


That's right, it really sucks. I'm from Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. I got my ManCan and was getting the Co2 cartridges delivered in order to have them filled up at the local Wood Buffalo Brewing Co, when our towns worst nightmare struck. The forest fire came over the fire lines and destroyed over 2000 homes and forced 88,000 to be evacuated from the city. We lost it all two days later when the wind changed and it came back to claim what it had left behind, our home, and the ManCans. What I've been through is nothing compared to what the brave men and women have gone through to keep this great nation the land of the free. It's hard for a guy like me to ask for it but this guy needs some help here because I have nothing left. What I do have left to give all of you is a wish that you fill your glass and raise it high, & say cheers.



This came from Jenny Bull

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Jun 17, 2016 • Posted by Bob Bergeron

I live in a rural area and the only bar only has Bud Lite on tap. So I buy 6 packs or 12 packs and fill my MANCANS. I found that using a funnel and tube, and filling the MANCAN from the bottom caused less foam. Also the MANCAN and the beer are cold when I do this.

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