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You Know You Need a ManCan If....

You! Yes, You! Let me guess – You’ve fallen in love with the ManCan but you don’t know why just yet. Are you wondering how you would use a ManCan?  There are about eleventy billion reasons why you need a one gallon growler, but we’ll narrow down that list to a few specific individuals that need, need a ManCan in their life.

What is a ManCan?  A ManCan is a personal-sized, keg-style growler that fits in your fridge, travels anywhere, and will keep your beer brewery-fresh for the life of the beer. Like a keg, it is stainless steel and can be pressurized with one of our tap systems. Like a growler, you take it with you to share great craft beer or other beverages (or keep it all to yourself). But remember: It’s not a keg. It’s not a growler. It’s a MANCAN!

Are you a craft beer lover?  Do you love trying new beers and sharing them with your friends?  Does having 128 oz. of portable beer speak to you? If you answered yes, then you need, NEED a ManCan!  Traditional glass growlers can (and will) break, and even worse, they leak CO2 making your beer go bad within a day after opening, or 3 days if not opened. The ManCan has a cap that seals in CO2 keeping beer fresh until the last pint. It also has a pour anywhere tap and stage 2 regulator, making it easy to pour craft draft beer right from your fridge. If you love the way your favorite beer tastes in the tap room, you need a ManCan to keep your beer brewery fresh.

ManCan is also perfect for Homebrewers.  The original 64 oz. ManCan was designed by a civil engineer and homebrewer who wasn’t satisfied with the packaging options available.  He wanted something that he could use for bottle conditioning, that is rugged and tough to protect his beer from the elements, and that he could use to transport his homebrew to a friend’s house or on hikes and fishing trips.  Check out our prior blog on How to use the ManCan for Your Homebrew

Are you an outdoor adventurist or adrenaline junkie?  Do you enjoy a cold beer after a hard day of play?  Then you also need, NEED a ManCan.  ManCans are rugged, straightforward and tough. An indestructible growler with a tap.  We’ve adopted those attributes into the design of our products. We believe the ManCan has a real “Game On!” attitude that you can take anywhere.  Favorite places our Tribe members have taken their ManCans are to Peak 7 while boarding in Breckenridge, Downtown Denver for the weekly Denver Cruiser ride, camping at Mt Huron in Buena Vista, CO or, to the summit of Mt Bierstadt, a beloved Colorado 14er.

How would you use your ManCan?  Get your ManCan today!

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