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Who's Your Daddy? - Baby Showers For Him

Baby showers for men are becoming more popular than ever and blowing up the internet.  Yes, you read that right.  Many dads feel left out of the traditional baby festivities and are opting for men-only showers to celebrate their special delivery.  ManCan knows this to be true as our Pinterest Board, Beer-by Shower, is highly followed. The names are quite creative: “Dad-chelor parties”, “Huggies and Chuggies” or “Poker and Pampers”. It got us wondering, can you use your ManCan at your buddies “Beer, Dudes and Diapers” baby shower?  According to, it is as easy as 1,2,3 to plan a cool Dad-chelor Party.

1. Choose a dad-tactic theme: There are so many great themes to choose from.  Do a quick Google search for “Dadchelor Party” and the results are endless.

2. Design a rugged Man Cave: Add some rugged elements to your venue location to make the dad-to-be and the other guests feel at home.
3. Send out manly invites

4. Update traditional baby shower elements: A traditional cake just won’t do for the new dad. Why not add beer cans or bottles to make it more manly?

5. Serve guy-friendly food and drink: Lots of guys would be happy with pizza or barbeque foods and a ManCan full of their favorite craft beer.

6. Focus on the drink aspect: If you are really focusing on the drink aspect, have several ManCans full of the Dad-to-be’s favorite craft beers and pair with appropriate snackitizer.  Who says pairings have to be reserved for cheese and wine?

7. Modify standard baby shower games: Diaper-changing races, Baby making or Baby delivery challenge and sperm-shaped cornhole toss will all get the men's competitive juices flowing.

8. Give baby gifts just for dad: Most men aren't likely to get excited about opening onesies or eco-friendly toys, instead, suggest his friends bring gifts geared more to his tastes rather than typical registry items.  A ManCan full of his favorite craft beer might be just the right item

What do you think of the idea of an all-male baby shower? An excuse to drink with the boys or a celebration of the baby?

There's a lot to be said about incorporating a father-to-be into the baby shower tradition. The opportunity to celebrate, voice fears, and spend time with loved ones is something all parents can benefit from.  So fill up your ManCan and celebrate the Daddy-to-be today!

Don’t have a gift for the Daddy-to-be yet?  Get his new ManCan here!

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