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ManCan - The Absolute Best Snowboarding Accessory!

When I think of snowboarding, I think of the beautiful, snowy mountains in Colorado, the crisp, cool, fresh mountain air, and the free feeling of riding down the mountain as my board glides through the powdery snow. Snowboarding has been a huge part of my life since I can remember; the one time I can let my mind be free of all my worries and concerns and just enjoy the amazing state I live in.  I never thought my passion and love for the sport could become any greater until I discovered ManCan.  Now, it also means filling up my ManCan with my favorite craft beer or margarita mix, strapping it onto my backpack and being able to enjoy that cold, delicious beverage on top of the mountain with those beautiful views. It also means being able tailgate at lunchtime, spending quality time with my friends and family and not having to settle with the limited beer they have on tap, which are rarely my favorite.  Remember, the only thing better than beer from a ManCan is beer at a brewery!

Get your ManCan here and start enjoying snowboarding or skiing the craft beer way!

- Jyl, your friendly customer service pro! 

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