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You’ve heard all about ManCan and how wonderful it is, but have you heard about the genius behind the ManCan? 

ManCan started with a vision from an engineer with a passion for homebrewing and the best homebrew supplies.  After some tinkering and many long nights, Kevin Lehman developed the 64 oz. mini keg-style growler.  An inventor at heart, an engineer by trade, and an avid homebrewer, it was completely natural for Kevin to be the guy who would innovate a revolutionary way to store and pour beer. Realizing the flaws of the traditional glass growler and how some bottles and cans can actually wreck a good brew, he didn’t just set out to improve beer vessels, he set out to re-invent them! The year was 2012 and that was the start of his original business, Deep Wood Brew Products.  

From his custom workshop-office, Kevin didn’t stop there.  He received numerous requests from customers wanting more.  Those requests led Kevin to develop a multi-port tap system that keeps beer fresh to the last drop, and a full gallon keg-style growler, the ManCan 128. To date, ManCan has 4 patents and 2 trademarks!  Kevin is continuously working on improvements and new products.  

Kevin is married to his best friend, Shelli.  Together with two amazing boys, they live on a farm in Michigan where they raise chickens, ducks, goats, pigs, and turkeys.  Kevin is an avid outdoorsman that loves hiking, fishing, hunting, and camping.  In his own words, “Anything outdoors and I am there!”  Kevin loves to brew Wheats, IPAs, and Pale Ales in his free time.  A true craft beer fan!  

Kevin leads ManCan with a smile and truly wants to know how you’re doing before anything else.  We are proud to have Kevin leading ManCan and improving the way America drinks craft beer.  

Do you have a new product idea or improvement suggestion?  Email us at  Get your ManCan today!



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