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It’s hard to fathom how those chalky candy hearts have been around for well over 100 years. On the list of Valentine’s Day treats, they have to rank decidedly low. Sure, there is a heaping dose of nostalgia that comes with the Valentine’s Day conversation hearts, but nostalgia does little to add to the taste. At ManCan, we are more partial to romantic gifts of the sudsy variety and there are much better gift ideas out there for your beer-loving lover.

A ManCan full of beer

In leu of Valentine's Day, we did a little research on beer with a love theme. Add to the romantic ambience with a ManCan full with 128 oz. of some of these fine brews:

Love Child No. 7 - Boulevard Brewing, Kansas City, Missouri
One Life. One Love. - Monkish Brewing, Torrance, California
Passion Juice - Odd Side Ales, Grand Haven, Michigan
Valentine’s Mischief – The Bruery, Placentia, California

If you’re looking to send a contrasting, subliminal message, look for:

Crime of Passion - Bullfrog Brewery, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Another Lover IPA - High Horse Brewing, Amherst, Massachusetts
Ball & ChainSpiteful Brewing, Chicago, Illinois

Beer Pairing
We all know that food and beer pairing is nothing new. Some foods can certainly alter the taste of a beer to bring out even more flavor and character. And, since we’re talking Valentine’s day and romance, take it up a notch with a selection of aphrodisiac foods to go with those beers.

Oysters – Pair with a peppery Saison or a robust stout. Something hoppy like an IPA will also match well
Salmon – Belgian strong, wee heavy, and American IPAs are all excellent choices
Chili Peppers – Choose any of the chili beers on the market
Honey – A good amber, pilsner, or white IPA will focus the honey flavors
Candy hearts – Match to a lager or pilsner
Chocolate – Bocks, porters, or lambics will not disappoint

“I love you, man!”
While beer is one of the best gifts to give and receive, sharing our time and attention with those around us is even more important. If you can’t find any of these beers, spending time with your special someone is what matters most. Take some time this Valentine’s Day to spread love, peace, and joy with your sweetheart. If you don’t you don’t have a special someone in your life, invite some friends out for a few beers. Before long, one of you is bound to blurt out “I love you, man!” after a few pints anyway. For some of us, that’s as good as we can hope for.

Keep the love going past Valentine’s Day and get your significant other the gift that keeps their favorite beer fresh for weeks. Order your ManCan 128 Flex here.

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